Monday, November 3, 2008

Wow! What a weekend..

Seth waiting for his run.. He didn't run though.. His shin was still hurting him.. I think part of it was nerves too.. over 300 kids in his divison.. WOW!

Here is the biggest fan of the DCMS XC team. My mom took care of all the kiddos. She always made the goody bags for after the race. Water before the race.. Wet towels, gloves you name it she took care of it. THANKS MOM!!!

Mckay is taking a nap before his run.

This is a picture of Mckay running to the finish line. Is he in pain? yep!. He got spiked at the start line.. He had a huge gash in his knee. I thought it was going to need stiches... Lucky it didnt! Love this kids determation this year.. He finished the year strong!

After our trip to Lexington for the State meet. Michael and I attended a Halloween party. We dressed as pirates as you guessed it. We had a great time!!
Thanks again to mom for watching the boys overnight..