Thursday, May 31, 2007

Slide show

This is Mckay's Hershey Track meet..

Look at him run!

Just Stuff

We spent most of our day in the pool yesterday.. It was a nice relaxing day..Even Michael got get in the pool after work.

I'm a little red... should tan soon though.. Looks like some t-storms this evening..we could use a little rain though.. the garden is dry. It might rain out Michael's softball game tonight.who knows till then though..

Mckay is finishing mowing the grass today.. thats nice!! He wants those new running shoes.. so he is working hard hehe!!

Michael got his new motor for the truck yesterday. It will be a few day before he gets it put in though. The rest of the week is busy for us..

Tonight is softball for Michael, Sat. is the 5K not sure if I'm running it or not.We will see if the kiddos are going to run or not. Then Saturday afternoon is a cookout for our Sunday school class.. it should be fun..

Vacation Bible School starts next week. That always makes for a busy week too!

The Scrapbook playground has a challenge to make a mini book/ album..for the month of June.. I think this will be a lots of fun.. I need to make plans to start of this.

IDOS SB.. is sending out Crop Boxes.. I signed up for that too.. busy, busy, busy.. Its hard to keep up with two Scrapbook boards.

I want to send out some RAK for friends too!! gotta find some goodies..

The Mystery Challenge I sent out for SBP is going well.. It was a challenge to some I think.. But I love the things people are doing.

I want to make a slide show for the blog.. I will have to work on that next time I have some pictures to load.

Embroidery is a must the rest of the week.. I need to finish some lab coats and work on some shirts and bags for church.

I hope everyone is having a great day!!! The weekend is almost here!!

Wednesday, May 30, 2007


Have you ever seen a woodpecker at your birdfeeder..

I finally got a picture of him..

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I went out for a nice run this morning.. great weather for a run. I got 3 miles in today... I much needed that. I was beginning to wonder if I was ready for the 5K this weekend.. I feel ready now. Not sure which of the boys are going to run. at $20 a person it gets expensive to do runs all year.

Anyways, Mckay has spied some new running shoes.. yep $75 nice.. gosh its mine turn for new shoes. I have more miles on mine. hehe!

I have been trying to figure out how to get my running information my my NIKE+IPOD.. not sure how yet. When I figure it out.. I can log on to NIKE and it keeps up with all my info on my runs.. cool graphs and all sorts of goodies...gotta find that instruction manual.. lost again...

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Mom and Mckay at his graduation..

Have a great day everyone!!

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Holiday weekend

Hi Everyone!

hope you had a great Memorial day weekend. We didn't do a whole lot. We did go to a outdoor event on Sunday afternoon the weather was wonderful.. and it was in a shady spot too.

The boys had their cousin come spent the night with them on Sunday evening.. I believe they had a good time. As soon as he left they were bored again!

how many times will the kids say " I'm bored over the summer"..maybe I should keep track of that.

We rented Night at the museum on PPV last night and watched that as family it was a good movie.

The pool is up and running now.. The temperature is finally getting warm enough for me to try it out.. The boys didn't care they have been in it for a few says already!.

Michael did a little grilling last night for dinner it was yummy! grilled veggies and pork chops! YUM-O!

here are some of the pictures I promised!

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Seth eating the first Watermelon of the season!! He loves watermelon.. He said mom come take my pic eating watermelon.. hehe.. he is from a SB mom..

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This is Mckay at the Hersey's track meet. He got 2 second place metals. one for the 400M and one for the 800M..( he ran these one after the other) and a 1st place in the standing long jump.. he jumped 6 ft and 5 in I think..

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Shopping day

I went shopping today with Mom and the boys.

The boys were in a grumpy mood. ugh!

They got a few new summer clothes and some pool stuff. I couldn't find any diving sticks for them.. gotta look some other places.

I got me a new running shirt/ bra its a melon cool.. Its great to have cool workout clothes another reason to run.

I got DH a new pair of shorts for softball..

The pool is finishing filling as I type. its just needs about 6 more inches so the filter can work properly.
The temperature is about 75 so the boys want to try it out tonight. Gotta get the ladder put together though.

Michael is off Fri, SAT, Sun and Monday for the holiday. yay!! he deserves a break.

We might go camping, or a small trip who really knows we will see soon enough.

Maybe we might must go to the drive in or to Nashville. not sure yet.

Happy Birthday Dawn!! Hope you have a great b-day!

I promise I will add track pictures as soon as I get them loading to the computer.

Have a great afternoon!

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

pictures of running course and my flowers..

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this is a picutre of my running turf.. it has a bit of shade.. Its curvy and hilly...

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This is the big hill hard to see in the photo though.. It goes on and on..

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Pond that I run by.. there are 3 by my run.. this is the biggest.. geese hang out on this one alot.

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just more road..

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My peony if you look hard you can see the ants...

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This is one of my many iris..
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This is Michael working on his new project truck.

Wed.. again.. no AWANA tonight


Nope not AWANA tonight its over for the year or summer.. I do have a meeting tonight I just remembered about though.

I just about got the pool filled with water yesterday. Might get to finish that today.

I did go out for a nice run this morning.. 2 miles. I took my new nike + IPOD with me.. its so nice it keeps up with mileage, calories, and time and such.. its very cool. cant wait to see all the things it can really do..

First 5K is June 2. weekend after next. I should be ready it wont be a fast one that's for sure.. But I know I can run that distance easy. Not sure if Seth will run or not. Mckay probably will.. Maybe I can talk DH into running it also.. who knows.

I'm finally getting some color on my body.. and little tan.. I tan easy at least..

The boys are still sleeping I slipped out and ran with them in bed. They didn't even know I was gone. I think this will be a new tradition for the summer. I like my quiet time in the morning.

Ok I need to upload some pic of the track meet and there is something else I promised to add.. i guess when I go to upload the pic I will remember..

Have a great Wed!!!!

Please scrapbook some for me today!!!

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

one of those days..


Everything I have touched today I have screwed up.. Maybe I should go back to bed and try again..

Track meet

It went well.. Mckay got 2 second place metals and one 1st.

He ran the 400M and 800M.. I didn't get any times though..
and he did the standing long jump.

I got some great pictures. I will have to post them later if I have time.

I need to get out and run myself.. now the kids are out for summer break.. I will have to work a new schedule out..

I'm filling the pool up.. hopefully it will be ready to go by the weekend.

Monday, May 21, 2007

woke up with a rash

Yep, I think its just a reaction from some bath wash I tired last night.

I took some meds and a fresh shower to see if it help. The meds are making my sleepy. so I guess I will take a nap in a few minutes.

The guys got a new pool we about got it set up. Putting the water in it now. Not sure how long it will take to fill it up though.

Mckay has a track meet tonight. I hope I can stay awake long enough to see him run.

Today is the last day of school for the boys. Its field day they should have a good time!

Hope everyone has a great Monday

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Sunday.. its hot!


Made it to church this morning.. been home all afternoon working around the house.

I still haven't got embroidery work started or finished for a matter of fact. Going to have to finish/ start that tomorrow for sure..

Monday is the last day for the kids school. and Mckay has a track meet. I hope he does well.. its going to be hot.

The guys are gone to buy a new pool.. a bigger one.. hopefully its up and running by Memorial

I finally got a picture of that woodpecker that's been eating at my feeder too.. I might have to post a picture later this week!

Have a great Sunday!!

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Saturday and its beautiful

We had a cool day yesterday here in KY.. but it was sunny I cant complain to much.

I have already been out for a little run..Seth my youngest decided he wanted to go with me.. He made it the first mile. walked back the 2nd mile. I did alot of re tracking so I could stay with him. He is only 8. I think he is going to run the 5K on June 2 with me. we'll see.

The guys went out in the new truck to the junk yard looking for some parts to finish it yep. I will have to post some pic.. of it sometimes. Yep its up and running.. Michael is working on the stuff that's important.. brakes, transmission and engine.. then the cosmetic stuff can be last. I think It will get a new paint and interior.. maybe..

I have loads of embroidery to do.. maybe I should go hide in my scrap/sewing room for rest of the day.. but there are lots of other things that need to be finished today.. Laundry, house cleaning, vacuum.. that stuff.. who know what will really get finished.

Might go out and look for a new pool for the kiddos for this summer.. a deeper one..

I need to work on my flower gardens and get some mulch down.. before the weeding becomes really bad.

We have beans and corn coming up in the garden too.. Hope it does well this year.. plus we have tomatoes..

Ok if you read this far.. good for you..

Have a great weekend..

Friday, May 18, 2007


I went shopping with mom today.. its her b-day.. I took her out to lunch.

I bought a new ceiling fan for my LR.. since its been repainted I wanted to change the fan too.

Graduation went well for Mckay last night.. he got alots of awards.. and was in the top 3 in Reading.. got a cool trophy for that.

I have lots and lots of embroidery work to finish too!! I guess I might have to hide in the scrap/sewing room tommorow..

Plus I need to make some little Scrapbook kits..

The kids have one more day of school till they are out for the year!

So I need to decide when and where vaction will be this year.

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, May 17, 2007


Wow its already been a fun morning here.

I have a headache.. Mckay is home from school with one. I know what mine is caused from.

Mckay's graduation from 5th grade is tonight.. hoping to get him to school sometimes today.

AWANA is over for the year.. so we will have a break on Wed. from church till school starts again.

The boys get out of school on the 21st. not many more days.

Not sure yet what the plans are for summer break. It seems like it gets shorter each year.

I know Mckay will start XC practice for the middle school mid July.

June 2 is a nice 5K Mckay and I will probally run.. we will see when it gets closer to the time. Im not sure if Seth will run this one or not. Wont know till that day forsure.

Yes those are a picture of my cleamatis at the bottom of my blog for those of you asking!!..

I like the results of last nights AI..

Everyone have a great week!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Recent LO's

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this is Seth my youngest

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This is Mckay my oldest.

Here are a few pic of the boys at the park a month or so ago..


Yep I started a blog.. Maybe I will post some Scrapbook stuff here. Lets see how well I can keep up with it.. Thanks for looking..