Monday, October 26, 2009

XC 1st place again!

I know its blurry but I like it..
yep that's mud on his face

This one is my favorites..

He passed this kid.. and the guy in purple from the rival team is one of our great running friends..
He encourages Mckay lots.

The DC team has had a wonderful year. They are currently ranked 3rd in the state.

This is pictures from the last meet till state.

State will be held in Lexington on Halloween.

Fall Stuff.......just pictures really

Pumpking carving 101

First up pumpkin carving..

Dad helping cut the tops of the pumpkins

scooping out the goop..

more goop..

and even more goop..

more and more goop

all the goop in a pile...

Mckay carving

Seth carving too

Mckay's finished pumpkin

Seth's finished pumpkin