Monday, January 24, 2011

New running shoes ~ The anticipation

Mckay ordered new running shoes.

They were delayed because of the snow storm till today.

So when Mckay comes in from practice he asks, "Mom has UPS come yet?"..

So what happens next waiting, waiting, waiting....

So while he is waiting he sings a little diddy. Where is the UPS guy with my new shoes, I'm waiting for the UPS guy for my shoes... la la la... If it was the FEDEX guy my shoes would have been delivered on Friday even with the snow.. la la la... lol

Yay!! (jumping) Finally the UPS guy is here.

Great! Now I can retire my old shoes which have over 600+ miles on them. They aren't very good for running in the snow with slick soles.

Thanks UPS guy for delivering my shoes!!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Happy Belated Birthday Seth

I was very bad this year usually I take down all Christmas decorations before his birthday... OOPs..

He was born around 9am on Dec 31, 96..

That make his 12 this birthday.

He wanted a red velvet cake this year with green sprinkles. I teased him its looked like mold but he still loved how it tasted. Of course its the family recipe and it turned out great!!

He got 2 new air soft guns for his bay with a target, an a new video game..

What else can a boy want hehe..

Happy 12Th Birthday Seth!!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

December went so quick..

So here goes!!

Lots of pictures so dial up alert... it might take awhile to load.. (mom)

Mckay and Diesel on the first snow day!!

Diesel and Harley enjoying the first snow of the season.

Mckay at Cross Country awards banquet. This year he ran a total of 609 miles from July thru Nov. Wow!!

His team finished 3rd in State.

Michael and Seth ready to go to the UK basketball game at Rupp arena. Seth won a pair of tickets by selling lots of Boy Scout popcorn.

We took a mini vacation To the Opryland Hotel right before Christmas. Here are a few pictures inside the hotel.

Michael and I ready to attend his company Christmas party.

Michael ready to play in SNOW at Opryland Hotel.

Mom and the boys in front of the big Snow/ Ice sign at Opryland Hotel

The boys found this cute horse inside the hotel of course they wanted their picture in front of them .. cute huh.

These are some of the beautiful lights we saw on the carriage ride.

They only thing mom wanted to do while we where there was to take a carriage ride. Wish granted. Here is Horse and carriage we rode..

The boys made and igloo at SNOW.. took them a few hours, but lots of fun.

Me toasting my toes by the fire while the boys built their igloo.. others roasted marshmellows.

Here is on of my favorite picutures my mom and dad having hot chocolate by the fire while the boys played in the snow.

Christmas Morning Snow!!!

Our Christmas tree!


Harley Christmas morning..

Of course some are thinking where are the pictures of Seth's birthday... I feel they need their own post. so, hopefully I will get those up soon!!