Monday, January 24, 2011

New running shoes ~ The anticipation

Mckay ordered new running shoes.

They were delayed because of the snow storm till today.

So when Mckay comes in from practice he asks, "Mom has UPS come yet?"..

So what happens next waiting, waiting, waiting....

So while he is waiting he sings a little diddy. Where is the UPS guy with my new shoes, I'm waiting for the UPS guy for my shoes... la la la... If it was the FEDEX guy my shoes would have been delivered on Friday even with the snow.. la la la... lol

Yay!! (jumping) Finally the UPS guy is here.

Great! Now I can retire my old shoes which have over 600+ miles on them. They aren't very good for running in the snow with slick soles.

Thanks UPS guy for delivering my shoes!!


Glenna yarnot said...

love those men in brown

Jodie said...

Hooray for new shoes!!! Now lets see a picture of them on his feet!

jen said...

yay for new running shoes!!