Monday, February 16, 2009

Our new baby ~ Harley

Well actually it's Michael's new baby.

Michael really surprised the boys by picking him up on Valentine's Day.

He was a rescue.. He was found by one of Jodie's friends during our huge ice storm.. They had been left outside in 19 degree weather..

They got him and three of his brothers and several other puppies and another mommy dog.

He was fostered for about 2 weeks before we got him. He was in very poor shape. But as you can tell he is loving his forever home.

Michael picked his name out over a week ago.

We are starting to potty train him and he is catching on little by little.

Here is the web site of the organization we got him from if your interesting in a new pet.. you should look them up in your area.

He is a reverse brindle boxer with a star on his chest. We got to see all the puppies before they went to foster homes. Harley was Michael's favorite.

How spoiled can a dog get in a weekend??????